Update on Rockridge Housing Study (June 2019)

Analysis of "test case" projects soon to begin
Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Rockridge Housing Study, begun last spring, seeks to provide information that the community can use to guide decisions about how Rockridge might best help address the City’s housing needs.  Five alternative scenarios have been developed.  As noted in last month’s report, Darin Smith, a Rockridge resident and a principal of Economic & Planning Systems, Inc., has volunteered some of his time and the use of modeling software his firm developed to help the Committee analyze each scenario’s effects on housing – both amount and affordability – and the impacts that might accompany those changes.  The Committee chair and Mr. Smith met and discussed first steps in the analysis.  The results were presented to the committee for discussion.

The initial phase of the analysis will involve modeling “test case” examples in the different scenarios.  Three examples have been discussed thus far:  1)  multifamily building on a single standard-sized Lower Rockridge residential lot (4,000 sq.ft., zoning = RM 1);   2) multifamily building on four aggregated single-family lots (total size ~ 16,000 sq.ft.); 3) 5-story multifamily project on two-acre underutilized commercial property [e.g., single-story structure plus surface parking].  For each example, the five current scenarios, and variations will be tested to determine feasibility of construction.

The committee generally approved the current proposed approach, recognizing that the full analysis will require far more data and analysis than is currently available.  The committee also recommended consulting with the City (both planning department and office of the mayor) about how the proposed study fits with City objectives and whether funds might be available to help complete the larger analysis that would inform community choices.

If readers have thoughts on additional items for inclusion in the scenarios or their analysis, please send to landuse@rockridge.org or the RCPC mailbox - 4123 Broadway, PMB 311, Oakland CA 94611.

Note- this article is taken from the Land Use Committee Update in the July 2019 Rockridge News.