U.C. Students Design Affordable Housing at the Rockridge BART station

Graduate design students propose three options
Thursday, June 6, 2019

This year, a U.C. Berkeley graduate course included student projects studying possible housing projects at two BART station sites:  Glen Park Station in San Francisco and the Rockridge BART Station.  The projects were all based on recent state legislation that allowed BART to “upzone” land it owned to promote transit-oriented housing, with an emphasis on affordable housing.

On May 18th, three student projects on the Rockridge BART site were presented at a symposium on the U.C. Campus.  The projects were entitled by the students as: Rockridge Lofts; Roots; and The Ripple.  The Committee heard summaries of the three projects and viewed slides presented at the symposium.  While the three projects all satisfied the basic requirements set by the course, they varied widely in the type and amount of housing proposed.    More detailed information, including all of the slides presented, is attached below.

rockridge_lofts.pdf1.54 MB
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