Security Ambassadors for College Avenue

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Rockridge District Association (RDA) wants our neighbors to know that we have started our security ambassadors program a little earlier this year.

The RDA has contracted with VMA Security Group, an Oakland company, to provide unarmed security ambassadors who will help make your time on the Avenue even more enjoyable during the holidays. They will not only help keep us safe but will provide assistance with directions and other information for shoppers.

Other pro-active measures have been put in place to help with overall safety for our neighborhood:

RDA has a strong working relationship with the Oakland Police Department as well as other security personnel on the Avenue such as at DreyerÕs and at Bank of America.

Market Hall has increased its security staff hours. Chad Carlin, chief security officer for Market Hall, continues to patrol streets adjacent to College Avenue. Chad has been instrumental in the apprehension of auto burglary suspects and other issues in Rockridge.

Much of my own time is dedicated to many of these community and security issues and we do our best to keep all Rockridge businesses informed.

I hope to see you all out enjoying our neighborhood and shopping here on College Avenue, helping to keep Rockridge the vibrant neighborhood we work so hard to maintain.