Rockridge Montessori School (6516 Broadway)

The RCPC board heard from Rockridge Montessori’s owners and architect at its June meeting. Boardmembers expressed concern about the inadequacy of the traffic report, potential impact to bicycle safety, especially after bike lanes are installed on Broadway, and the school’s continuing expansion into a residential-zoned area. In the end, the board voted to oppose the application unless the school agreed to a number of conditions, including several traffic mitigation measures and a binding commitment not to seek any further expansion without prior approval from the RCPC board. RCPC awaits a response from the school.

Meanwhile, at the land use committee’s June meeting, committee members heard from concerned neighboring residents. Complaints included excessive noise and traffic, blocked driveways, and the school’s repeated failure to live up to past promises. These concerns will be discussed further at the RCPC board’s July meeting. While RCPC continues to seek a mutually agreeable compromise solution, the apparent lack of trust between the school and its neighbors is a major obstacle. The Oakland planner handling the case is Ulla Britt-Jonsson (238-3322,