Rockridge Kitchen Tour: The Best Research Project Around

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It was the spring of 2012. My wife and I had just fulfilled a dream of ours: to own a home, in Rockridge no less. Although our bank account was drained, our optimism was filled to the brim.

As new homeowners often do, we started out with grand visions for how we'd make this home our own. Redo the master bathroom! Redesign the dining room (but don't touch the built-ins)! And, of course, the big daddy of them all: the kitchen remodel.

Three years in, we're still talking the talk but, alas, have yet to walk the walk. We quickly learned that remodeling a kitchen takes quite a bit of cash, hundreds of decisions, and research.

The research, it turns out, is the most fun and inspiring, and the easiest to do. It's also best done in the wild - in people's homes, friends and strangers alike - rather than a studio or contrived environment. We've spent the last few years conducting our fair share of studies.

As far as "native viewing" opportunities go, the Rockridge Kitchen Tour is the best of what's around. So much to touch, see, and learn from! It also comes with a side benefit: proceeds from ticket sales go to the Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC), a group that looks out for the neighborhood year 'round, not just its kitchens on a biennial weekend.

So as my wife and I continue to fill up our coffers in anticipation of the kitchen-remodel-to-come someday, we'll be headed to the Kitchen Tour to see the best of what's around. Hope to see you there.