Rockridge DVD Project Is a Wrap: Check it Out

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Rockridge DVD Project has been completed. All of the DVDs rescued when the former Videots video rental store in Berkeley's Elmwood District closed have been catalogued and delivered to the Rockridge Branch Library.

Many thanks are due to the community for supporting the project with cash donations; to the staff and volunteers of the Oakland Public Library for their work, particularly in cataloging the DVDs; and to RCPC, for lending the project $13,000 and providing fiscal sponsorship, which allowed donations to be tax-exempt.

By purchasing used DVDs which were in excellent condition, the project was able to obtain four to five times as many titles as would have been possible if new DVDs had been bought. The purchase included a state-of-the-art machine to help maintain them in great shape.

The DVDs donated by the Rockridge DVD Project include foreign films, Pre-Code Hollywood movies, film noir, silent classics, Hollywood films, television series (including many British PBS favorites), documentaries, and musical performances. For a complete list, see

The expansion of the Rockridge Branch Library DVD section was coordinated with the construction of the Teen Zone and the new computer area. DVDs now occupy both sides of a full aisle in the stacks, and the enlarged DVD collection has proven very popular with patrons. The success of the Rockridge DVD Project has inspired other Oakland branch libraries to expand their DVD collections, and librarians report that the DVDs are bringing in new patrons who come for the DVDs, but stay for the books.

If you have not yet taken a look, you may be surprised at the size and quality of the collection. And you can check out up to four DVDs at a time for free. All you need is an Oakland Public Library Card. Enjoy.