RCPC Town Hall July Agenda: Are You Feeling Parched? Considering the Drought and Ways to Respond

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Satisfy your thirst for drought information and ways you can deal with drought conditions at the Thursday, July 17, RCPC Town Hall.

Four panelists will discuss the current drought and ways to respond:

  • An East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) conservation specialist will give an overview of the drought situation. 
  • Kim Titus, of Richmond's Urban Farmer Store, will discuss methods of graywater and rainwater storage. 
  • Jeremy Watts, owner of Food Forest Design Works, will tell how a lawn can be replaced with drought-tolerant plants and edible plants and how they can be watered with drip irrigation.
  • Hasan Abdullah, EBMUD Desalination Project Coordinator (Bay Area Regional Desalination Project), will report on desalinization projects now under consideration at EBMUD, in case all else fails.

You will leave the meeting with new ideas about what you can do to further control your water consumption.


Important! Bring a current water bill.


For water-saving tips in the meantime, click here and here.