RCPC Town Hall Featured Guest: Peter Calthorpe — Of Cities and Survival —

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Date: Sept. 19, 7pm (refreshments) 7:30pm (program); Location: Rockridge Branch Library, 5366 College Ave., 2nd floor

Come hear Peter Calthorpe, award-winning Bay Area architect, urban planner, and Rockridge resident, discuss how land use and transportation investments can overcome environmental and fiscal challenges to improve the quality of urban life. Mr. Calthorpe will share insights from his recent trip to China, where he explored how basic design practices that promote transit, biking, and pedestrian mobility can improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of China's growing cities. He will also highlight the application of these same successful planning elements reflected throughout Rockridge.

  • For this special event, Jules Thin Crust Pizza will be served with other light refreshments prior to the meeting. To give us a headcount, please RSVP to: info@rockridge.org - put "Calthorpe" in the title line, or phone 869-4200.
  • The evening will conclude with a raffle of two copies of Calthorpe's most recent book, "Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change," in which he explains how sustainable urban development can play a key role in reducing carbon emissions.

Mr. Calthorpe often cites the Rockridge neighborhood to illustrate the positive environmental and social impacts that mixed-use, high-density development can have on an urban setting.

In his response to blogger Scott London's question, "In a nutshell, how would you describe good urban design?," Calthorpe explains that "a well-designed city is walkable. It's a place where your destinations are close enough to walk to and where you feel safe enough to walk. And it's a place that is interesting enough socially to make you feel that walking is perhaps something more than just getting from point A to point B. I think that is the heart of it."

Since the formation of Calthorpe Associates in 1983, Peter Calthorpe's scope has expanded to include innovative design projects within the United States and abroad. His work reflects how community design with a focus on environmental sustainability and human scale can be adapted in urban and suburban cities with great success. His current task in China focuses on developing standards and examples of low carbon cities.

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