RCPC September Town Hall - Rockridge Transportation Issues

Multiple Rockridge Transportation projects and issues presented and discussed
Monday, October 1, 2018

A sizeable crowd gathered at the Rockridge Library meeting room on September 20th to hear speakers address numerous Rockridge transportation issues.  While there was no official representative of Oakland's Department of Transportation ("OakDOT") present, a variety of speakers, including RCPC's transportation committee chair, Alden Conner, provided information on topics ranging from the reconfiguration of the Rockridge BART's Ford Gobike bikeshare station to mini-roundabouts on Shafter Ave. to bike lanes on College Avenue to traffic problems at the newly reconfigured intersections of Broadway/Coronado and Broadway/Lawton.  The evening's program was video-recorded, and the recordings have been posted on RCPC's YouTube channel.  You can watch the videos by clicking here.