RCPC Seeks Community Help with College Ave. Safeway Review

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The city of Oakland will soon release a draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) on Safeway’s proposed 62,000 sq. ft. College Avenue shopping center project.The report will look at the ways in which the City believes the project, which almost triples the size of the current 22,500 sq. ft. store, will affect the surrounding community. Topics include traffic, bicycle and pedestrian safety, air and water quality, noise, aesthetics, and perhaps land use.

Once the DEIR is released, the community will have 45 days to review and comment on the report. The City must then respond to those comments in writing. The result will be a Final EIR, which the Planning Commission, and potentially the City Council, will use in deciding whether to approve Safeway’s project.

An EIR is a technical document, usually requiring special expertise to determine whether its analysis is accurate.

Realizing this, RCPC applied to the Rose Foundation for Community and the Environment, whose office is, coincidentally, located on College Avenue, and received a $10,000 matching grant to pay the needed experts. However, RCPC only gets to use this money if it can be matched by community donations. That’s where you, Rockridge News readers and Rockridge community members, can help.

In addition to your comments on the Safeway project, we need your donations to help fund the experts who will assure that the project’s impacts on Rockridge are fully and fairly disclosed, discussed, and, where possible, mitigated. These experts will also help compare Safeway’s proposal to other proposed alternatives.

Make your contribtion by credit card or Paypal using the donate button on this page.