RCPC-Oakland League of Women Voters Joint Election Town Hall - Ballot Measures Pro & Con

Video recordings of the first half of a double-header of election Town Halls are now posted on Youtube
Monday, October 8, 2018

A full-house crowd attended the RCPC- Oakland League of Women Voters joint Town Hall on October 4th at the Rockridge Library.   Kathleen Cha, the Oakland League's communications director and a veteran presenter, went through the state and local ballot measures that will be on the ballot November 6th.  She briefly summarized what each measure was about, told what groups were supporting and opposing each measure, and gave the major pros and cons for eah measure.

The presentation was video-recorded, and the videos have been posted on RCPC's YouTube channel.  There are four sections to the presentation, and they can be viewed here.

The League handed out (and you can now download) their informational pamphlets on State and Oakland measures.  The League also distributed their ballot propositions "scorecard" where you can mark down your preferences for each measure.  On the back, the scorecard provided additional sources for ballot information.  Both sides are attached to this article for download.

A second election-oriented Town Hall will be held on Thursday, October 18th from 7-8 PM at the College Preparatory School, just off Broadway next to Highway 24.  It will feature the two candidates for the 15th Assembly District, Buffy Wicks and Jovanka Beckles, in a candidates' forum Audience members will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions about their positions on current issue.  Like this one, it will be co-sponsored by the Oakland League of Women Voters.  Also co-sponsoring with be the East Bay Housing Organization, a coalition of nonprofit housing builders.  That session will also be recorded for posting on Youtube.

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