RCPC - Nautilus Group Agreement Finalized

Agreement protects residents neighboring the project
Thursday, November 10, 2016

After the City approved the Nautilus Group's project on Telegraph Avenue (5110 Telegraph Ave., between 51st Street and Claremont Ave.), RCPC and Nautilus opened discussions on things both parties wanted, but the City hadn't included in its approval.  Chief among these was providing protection for neighboring residents in case the project resulted in an on-street parking space shortage and led to establishing a residential permit parking zone for the area. 

Ordinarily, tenants in the new project would be eligible for permits, even though it would likely be those same tenants that were causing the parking shortage.  The RCPC-Nautilus agreement provides that leases for project tenants will make clear that they won't be eligible for RPP stickers.  Instead, if they want parking, they will have to pay for an off-street space in the project's underground garage.  Not only will this protect neighbors - many of whom have no off-street parking available, but it will be an additional incentive for project tenants to leave their cars behind when they move in - something very much in line with Nautilus' philosophy of encouraging transit and alternative transportation modes. 

The agreement also commits Nautilus to supporting establishment of a BART shuttle for the area and urging the City to use funds it holds from the project to help address any unforeseen project impacts. 

The agreement has now been recorded against the property, meaning it will be binding not only for Nautilus but also for future project owners.  You can find a copy here.