RCPC Election 2016: Statements of RCPC Board Candidates

Saturday, April 9, 2016

2016 Candidates: Mary-Catherine Haug, Laura Schlichtmann,  Rekha Rao, Leonora Sea

Mary-Catherine (M C) Haug
Kales Avenue, Candidate

When I moved from Berkeley to Rockridge in 1976, it was still recovering from the Big Build Through the Middle. My end of College was quite a sleepy place. Forty years and three children later, I feel very lucky to still be here.

In my Rockridge life I have been employed professionally as a city planner and elementary school teacher. I retired from my position as a special education teacher with the Oakland USD several years ago.

I have been continually involved in Kales Avenue block activities and also currently serve on the California Revels Board.

I appreciate the work that RCPC has done to try to keep our district livable and enjoyable. I would like to support that effort with the perspective of a long-time resident and Rockridge devotee.

Laura Schlichtmann
Clifton Street, Incumbent

I have been a member of RCPC's board since 2012. My service includes participating on the Land Use Committee, a couple years as board Secretary, working on most of RCPC's community events (including Out & About and the Hallowe'en parade), and training and assigning docents for the 2015 Rockridge Kitchen Tour. I help with distribution of The Rockridge News, and volunteered with the Scenic Streets roadside planting and weed patrol projects in the Claremont/Clifton/Hudson area.

I am a retired lawyer, have a Master's degree in urban planning, worked in state government for 10 years, and have experience in dispute resolution. I am grateful for the contributions of board members of earlier years and hope to help continue that strong tradition over the next two years.

Although I will be away at the time of the April board election, I would appreciate the opportunity to continue on the board for one more term. Thank you.

Leonora Sea
Miles Avenue, Incumbent

I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the RCPC Board last July, and have enjoyed the experience so much that I'm now running for a full term as a board member. Since joining the board, I've done publicity for the 2015 Rockridge Kitchen Tour, helped with the Halloween Parade, attended and spoken at Design Review and Oakland City Council meetings on land use issues, especially the Nautilus project; secondary units; and parking. I'm currently the board member responsible for the Community Grants program, and the RCPC liaison to the FROG committee.

I'm the fourth generation owner of my family house in Rockridge. I love the neighborhood that I remember from when I was growing up, and the neighborhood here and now. My goal as a member of the RCPC Board is to help Rockridge continue to be the lively and welcoming place it's always been for both long-term and new residents.

Rekha Rao
Kales Avenue, Candidate

My name is Rekha Rao, and I'm really interested in being on the board of the RCPC. I've lived in Rockridge for over two years. I'm an attorney by training, but I work in renewable energy policy now. I have a passion for local politics and I believe that organizations such as the RCPC have the power to create positive change in neighborhoods. I love living in Rockridge and want to contribute to making the area a better place to live

RCPC Board Election Procedures
At the RCPC Town Hall meeting Thursday, April 21, Rockridge residents may vote for RCPC board candidates. At least 25 residents must cast a ballot at the meeting to establish a quorum. If the quorum is met, residents unable to attend the Town Hall may vote Saturday, April 23, in the lobby of the Rockridge library, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Voter Eligibility: Persons age 18 and over who live within RCPC boundaries are eligible to vote. Verification will be by driverÕs license or DMV ID card showing an address within RCPC boundaries as depicted on the RCPC website: rockridge.org..