RCPC Annual Meeting and April Town Hall - Rockridge Transportation Projects

Board of Director Candidates Speak and OakDOT provides update on projects funded by Caldecott Tunnel settlement.
Saturday, May 5, 2018

On April 19th, 2018, RCPC held its annual meeting and April Town Hall at the Rockridge Branch Library.  A total of twenty-nine Rockridge residents signed in for the election, above the minimum quorum requirement of twenty-five.  An additional eight Rockridge residents voted on Saturday at a polling place in front of the library.  At the meeting, the five candidates for the Board of Directors: Ashley Cruz, M.C. Haug, Leonora Sea, Sally Smyth, and Courtney Welch each gave a short presentation about their background, why they were running, and what they hoped to accomplish on the board. A video of those presentations has been posted on Youtube.com,and is available here. All five were handily elected, and took office a week later at a special board meeting.  At that meeting, Leonora Sea was elected Board Chair, and Ronnie Spitzer was elected Board Treasurer.  At the Board’s regular May 3rd meeting, Alden Conner was elected vice-chair, and Stuart Flashman was chosen as interim secretary. A permanent secretary, as well as the at-large member on the Board's executive committee, will be chosen at the Board's spring retreat later in May.

Once the election was out of the way, the Town Hall audience heard a presentation by Oakland Dept. of Transportation (OakDOT) staff and consultant Victoria Eisen about Rockridge/North Oakland street improvements being funded by money from Oakland’s settlement with Caltrans over the Caldecott Improvement Project.  The settlement projects are intended to reduce auto traffic on Highway 24 or otherwise mitigate impacts from adding a fourth bore to the tunnel.

At this point, almost half of the funded projects have been completed.  These include bicycle lanes on Broadway between the North Oakland Sports Center and Broadway Terrace, improvements to the Broadway/Highway 24 exit ramps and associated intersections, pedestrian scale lighting on 52nd St. between Dover St. and Telegraph Ave., and bulb-outs and other pedestrian safety improvements along Broadway.  Almost finished is the Broadway “lane diet” between Keith Ave. and Broadway Terrace, which, it is hoped, will reduce traffic speeds and improve pedestrian safety.  Still to come are a number of improvements along College Ave., including bicycle lanes and intersection improvements at both Shafter/Keith and Miles Ave. intersections.  There are also further improvements in the works for Tunnel Road/Highway 13 interchange to make it safer for bicyclists.  Because of cost overruns due to needed design changes, Ms. Eisen said some projects may not be fully funded with the settlement funds, but other funding sources are being explored.  The full slide presentation is attached to this post, and videos of the presentation have been posted on YouTube, Here are the links to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of the presentation.

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