Progress Report: Frog Park Swings Funding

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Since we first announced plans to move ahead with new swings and play features at Frog Park last December, we have raised approximately $22,000. We are well on our way to the $50,000 goal.

Volunteers will be out in the park several weekends this summer to answer questions, take donations and show you revised layouts where the new structures (toddler and regular swings, ADA swing, pole spinners, see-saw, merry-go-round climber) will be located.

Equipment Layout Changes

FROG has been working with the City and MIG (our design group), to revise the swings and play equipment layout in order to address tree mitigation and ADA requests. We are also tackling permit requirements and any cost impacts.

The Tree Department requires we leave some of the grass next to the path by the tire-swing, to protect the redwood trees. Therefore, the equipment planned for that space must be moved.

Additionally we are working to include an ADA accessible swing and changing the surfacing design, all resulting in layout revisions which would require us to use more grassy area next to the existing regular swings along the freeway towards the restroom.

We are seeking volunteers and our fund-drive continues:

Do you have an opinion, questions or want to volunteer to help us implement this project, and more? Contact

Stop by the park and learn more, or make a donation online today at Together we can meet this goal and get more fun out of Frog Park.