Old Chase Building Demolition Update

Demolition is underway. Will be completed by early February.
Monday, January 15, 2018

If you've driven past the corner of Broadway and Pleasant Valley in the last week, you may have noticed activity there.  Here's the latest update from TRC, Inc., the developers of "Shops at the Ridge," on the demolition of the old, asbestos-contaminated Chase Bank building at the corner.  Demolition had been stalled by the discovery that the cables holding up the roof deck were covered with asbestos.  The City has now issued a demolition permit to take the building down, and the plans have been approved by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which has regulatory authority over construction (and demolition) projects that could release air pollution.


"Demolition preparatory work has been underway for three weeks now, which includes substantial shoring required.  Actual demolition is scheduled to start this week and full demolition anticipated to be completed the week of February 5th.  Clean up of the site, such as hydro-seeding the dirt area and other clean up measure will take another week past the week of the 5th."