New Oakland Pedestrian Plan and Survey Underway

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The city of Oakland is creating a new Pedestrian Master Plan that will define specific steps to improve the safety and walkability of streets and pathways throughout Oakland. To let the city know what you think works best about walking in Oakland and what sorts of improvements you would recommend, please complete the online survey ( by August 31, 2015. The draft plan is expected in early 2016, with the final version to be published in April 2016.

The Pedestrian Plan will summarize Oakland's current walking environment, focusing on areas with frequent pedestrian/auto collisions and identifying additional intersections and corridors with similar physical characteristics. It will identify gaps in the pedestrian network and opportunities to improve sidewalks, intersections, and pathways that serve common pedestrian destinations such as schools; bus stops and BART stations; and shopping districts. The pedestrian planning process will establish a vision and goals, and identify and prioritize the projects and programs needed over the next five years to achieve them. The document will conclude with an implementation plan, which will identify potential funding sources, recommended changes to city practices or policies, and performance measures to allow the community to track city progress toward meeting the plan's goals.

A Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is helping guide this planning process to ensure that it results in a plan that reflects the views and experiences of Oakland residents and businesses. A separate Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will ensure that the plan is practical and can be implemented by city staff, partnering agencies, and community groups.

For questions about the Oakland Pedestrian Master Plan or the planning process, contact Christina Blackston at or 238-6657.