New Contractors for Private Security Patrols

Saturday, March 8, 2014

We are pleased to announce the formation of Safer Rockridge, a non-profit group formed to help organize safety ideas and initiatives in Rockridge, including the security patrols. Information about Safer Rockridge and the patrols can be found at

The Safer Rockridge Security Patrols are funded by concerned Rockridge community members and businesses. The main goal of the security patrols is to enhance the safety of all Rockridge neighbors and guests on our streets and in our public spaces. The security patrols will do this by:

  • patrolling neighborhood streets and public spaces to deter criminal activity
  • being a resource to residents and guests who may have immediate security concerns
  • providing the Oakland Police Department with documentation of observations that can help them in their duties of law enforcement in Rockridge.

Security officers from Premiere Protective Service ( will provide the patrols. They will patrol the region shown in the map below.

The security officers will be unarmed. They are trained to observe and report suspicious or criminal activity, and their first response to any criminal or safety concern will be to contact the Oakland Police Department. They will then observe, report, and assist anyone in need when it is safe to do so.

Safer Rockridge Security Patrols will provide service to all residents and guests in the service area and are supported entirely by community contributions. The amount of patrolling provided will be directly proportional to the amount of funds raised. Safer Rockridge's goal is for enough households to participate to support two patrol cars for 12 hours per day, every day of the week. To meet this goal, 630 households will need to contribute $30/month. While $30/month is the suggested contribution level, households can contribute at any level.

During the month of March, a limited patrol will be supported using remaining funds from the CrowdTilt fundraising last fall. Safer Rockridge is now raising money for full patrols for April, May, and June. Please see to contribute.

Please send comments and questions to Safer Rockridge by emailing