March RCPC Town Hall - BART bikeshare Station and More

Also on the agenda - improved enforcement of residential permit parking
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Following up on a commitment made at the January RCPC Town Hall Meeting. the City of Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT), BART, and Motivate will present the results of the public feedback received about alternative locations for the Ford GoBike bikeshare station at the Rockridge BART station on College Ave.  There was an initiial discussion at the January Town Hall meeting and a follow-up walk-through of alternative locations on February 22nd to gather public input.  The City will report on the results of that input and the proposed plans for moving forward with a permanent location for this central bikeshare location in Rockridge.

The meeting will also include presentation of changes to enforcement of the City's residential permit parking program, which includes large parts of lower Rockridge.  Enforcment in the past few years has been spotty at best.  However, the City is buying automatic license plate readers for use by the parking enforcement officers.  These should speed up and simplify identifying violators.  According to OakDOT, implementation will occur this summer.  OakDOT staff will explain the changes and what to expect when they happen.

OakDOT may also provide additional information on new programs relevant to Rockridge (e.g., pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements and expansion of the "road diet" program).