A Letter to the Neighborhood: Invitation to a Summer of Service

Thursday, July 9, 2015

When I first joined the Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC) board of directors in the fall of last year, I kept hearing one phrase over and over again.

It was a phrase that seemed to resonate to some degree with everyone at our board meetings and Town Hall events: community and board members alike would say, "Rockridge didn't get this way by accident!" And they are right. The community we experience around us today is a reflection of the dedication and vision of our community activists. From our healthy business district on College Avenue and our tree-lined streets, to the Rockridge Branch Library and Frog Park, our community has been deeply shaped by those who stepped up and served as volunteers, RCPC board members, mentors, ambassadors, and visionaries. To these folks we are indebted, with our everlasting gratitude and appreciation.

I have seen the power of community first hand. Looking out from the windows at Peralta, Claremont Middle School and Oakland Tech - schools I attended - I witnessed the incredible impact of everyday people; I have seen our community transform.

I joined the board because I wanted to give back to the community that helped shape my views and to encourage others to get involved.

What draws me to serve our community is my belief that community health is directly correlated with community engagement. Just as highly engaged and supportive parents can be instrumental in the success of a school, engaged and action-oriented community members are likewise critical for sustaining a vibrant and healthy community. For me personally, this type of volunteer service offers the highest levels of gratification: the fulfillment of working with a team of people committed to helping our community flourish.

With summer now in full swing, it may be the perfect time to consider getting involved and giving back to Rockridge. Over the next few months, the Rockridge Community Planning Council will be accepting applications for our board. If you have an interest in community-building, you may be the perfect fit. All interested residents over the age of 18 are encouraged to apply.

Does this opportunity come at a bad time for you? Ask one friend to consider that he or she apply; we all often need a little nudge from those who know our talents best.

The work of our neighborhood organization is incredibly important. Please take a moment to consider how your individual efforts can support the growth of the RCPC board and the Rockridge community. Be on the lookoout for our Rockridge Rock Star volunteer initiative to debut this summer on our new and improved website (Rockridge.org.)

Please e-mail me directly describing your interest, or for more information about ways you can help at: brendanrcpc@gmail.com.

See you at the board meeting.

In Community,

- Brendan Havenar-Daughton,

RCPC Chair