Land Use Update: Merrill Gardens, Rockridge Shopping Center, College Ave Retail Zoning

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rockridge Shopping Center /Merrill Gardens Senior Housing Project - Broadway and Pleasant Valley/51st Street: Demolition and construction of these two projects have not started, but should begin shortly. Both projects now have Internet websites where you can check on construction status. The site URL addresses are:

College Avenue Retail Zoning Study
City staff has given RCPC the go-ahead to open a public discussion on zoning issues affecting College Avenue, and other CN-1 commercial areas of the city, with the aim of eventually bringing forward zoning modifications. The Land Use Committee will take the lead in initiating the discussion, and will be inviting stakeholders from the various CN-1 areas (including residents, merchants, commercial property owners, brokers, and developers) to provide input.

The initial focus will be on discussing whether OaklandÕs use permit process should be modified to allow a use permit to expire if the use is abandoned. Other issues to be explored include whether the threshold for requiring a use permit (currently a uniform 5,000 sq. ft.) should be varied, depending on the use involved, and whether older large-space buildings should receive special treatment as nonconforming spaces.

RCPC will also hold at least one Town Hall Meeting to encourage community participation and involvement in the process..