Housing "densification" bill SB 50 (Wiener/Skinner/Wicks) revived.

Bill, which would increase height and density in lower Rockridge, faces critical Senate floor vote this week.
Monday, January 27, 2020

Last year, SB 50 drew national news media attention for its attempt to address the state's affordable housng shortage. The bill would result in major changes to zoning in Rockridge.  It has now been revived by its authors, which include principal author Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco and East Bay co-authors Senator Nancy Skinner and Assembly Member Buffy Wicks, both of whom represent Rockridge.

The bill had been "held" in the Senate Appropriation Committee last year, but was revived at the start of this year's session, with new amendments intended to address concerns raised by bill opponents.  It was originally slated to be reconsidered by the Senate Appropriations Committee, but Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins "pulled" it from that committee and transferred it to the Senate Rules Committee, which she chairs and controls.  It now appears that the bill will go directly to a vote on the Senate floor this week.  It must pass the Senate by the end of the week or it will be killed automatically.

Check here for a recent article discussing provisions of the modified bill.  (The article includes quotes from RCPC Board Member David Garcia.)