At the Halloween Parade...

Monday, November 16, 2015

Wait! Did you see that? "We come in peace," said the message on his uniform. Having seen his green head and her green hair, you could be forgiven your moment of doubt, a doubt confirmed when you spy the hapless human hostage confined to the mobile holding cell.

If you could scream, you would, but when you turn for help, you see only grotesque and distorted and Munchkinesque creatures advancing toward you, muttering their unearthly chant: Triggertreet, Triggertreet.

Swallowing the scream, you run toward the sounds of music and story-telling coming from a nearby collection of welcoming hay bales. Safety! You relax at Halloween Central and watch while the songs of accordionist-chanteuse Salane Schultz and the stories of talespinner Tim Ereneta enchant the creatures. As you ruminate over a third piece of saltwater taffy, you realize you have survived another Halloween Dream conjured by the Rockridge District merchants and the Rockridge Community Planning Council.

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