First Call for RCPC Board Applicants

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC) will hold its annual election for seats on the board of directors in April, 2011.

Six board seats (out of a total of 13 voting members) will be up for election. One of them could be yours. What do RCPC boardmembers do?

Among current projects facing Rockridge are: evaluating two major Safeway building proposals, stimulating College Avenue retail, addressing the citywide rezoning process, supporting Rockridge public schools, revamping the Rockridge BART Plaza, and confronting Rockridge’s continuing problems with traffic and crime.

RCPC is involved in all these issues and more. The board of directors meets once a month to conduct board business.  In addition, each board member is expected to participate on at least one RCPC committee.  Watch for further announcements in The Rockridge News.

For more information or to tell of your interest in the meantime, e-mail