Do This Before You Need the Police

Thursday, July 9, 2015

• Keep OPD phone numbers handy.

  • OPD emergency, landline: 911. (Call 777-7777, the OPD emergency line, if 911 gives a busy signal)
  • OPD emergency, cell phone: 777-3211
  • OPD non-emergency: 777-3333
  • Fire Department non-emergency: 444-3322

• Don't leave valuables - purse, wallet, cell phone, computer, tablet - in your car or easily visible through windows in your home.

•  If you have or plan to install security cameras, make them visible as an additional deterrent.

•  Be aware of your surroundings when walking on the street, and especially when leaving your car to enter the house.

•  Do not walk and talk on a cell phone without at least assessing your surroundings for possible threats.

•  Have good lighting around your home. Put lights on motion sensors; leave the porch light on at night.

•  Secure your gates and garage doors. Lock outside tool storage areas and ladders securely.

•  Report all instances of crime to the Oakland Police Department, and get a report number. At the least, OPD can use the information to predict and respond to trends. At best, your loss may be recovered.

•  Install an alarm and the provider's identifying sticker.

•  Trim landscaping, especially around windows and where walls and overhangs obscure security views.

•  Screen in-house workers - contractors, their sub-contractors, and day laborers, for example - for reliability and trustworthiness.

•  Find more emergency contact information and news about crime prevention programs at

From information suggested by OPD panel members at the June RCPC Town Hall and the Safe Oakland web site.