December Land Use Committee Meeting

Two topics on agenda
Monday, December 18, 2017

There will be a short Land Use Committee meeting this month.  As of now, there are two items on the agenda.

1.  The Bourbon & Beef Restaurant closed last month under apparently unfortunate circumstances. There is now a notice posted of the transfer of the liquor license to a new ownership.  Neighbors around the restaurant are asking that RCPC express concerns about the liquor license transfer, based on the history of problems with Bourbon & Beef (late night noise and disturbances to upstairs apartments, recurrent problems with trash and green waste pick-up, etc.) and the fact that the new ownership overlaps with that of Burbon & Beef - suggesting that the problems may transfer over to the new owners.  The committee will discuss whether to recommend that RCPC get involved.

2.  Preliminary discussion of possible uses of $400,000 of "community improvement funds" included as part of the settlement reached by community groups with Safeway over the construction of the new College Ave Safeway shopping area.  Some ideas that have been suggested include traffic calming measures on nearby residential streets to discourage their use by "cut-through" traffic, other street improvements in the area, improvements to the traffic signal at the Safeway loading dock, and streetscape improvements along College Ave.  Community input is invited.