Changes for DVD Circulation at the Rockridge Branch Library

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Oakland Public Library (OPL) has announced that DVDs can now be requested from any branch of the Library and delivered to the branch of your choice. Up to now, only books could be requested from other branches. For Rockridge patrons, this means easy access to the large DVD collection at the Main Branch, as well as to the many television series DVDs at the Piedmont Branch. As part of the new policy, DVDs will "float" throughout the OPL system. This means that DVDs will be shelved at the branch where they were returned.

We want contributors to the DVD Project to be kept current on policy changes that affect the collection, especially when they are as positive as this. This new policy is consistent with the deal made with the OPL as part of the Rockridge DVD Project. In exchange for the right to float all DVDs at some future date, OPL paid for the cataloging of all the DVDs that the DVD Project brought in. As the cost of the cataloging would have been more than that of the DVDs themselves, we considered (and still consider) this to be a terrific deal.

For several years, OPL patrons have only had access to the DVD Project materials at the Rockridge Branch, but now these materials will circulate system wide. If patrons from other branches request DVDs from Rockridge, those DVDs may temporarily end up on the shelves at other branches, but those same DVDs can also be requested right back to Rockridge. What will be lost is the ability to browse all titles just by looking at the shelves. What will be gained is that there will be more - and different - titles available here as Rockridge patrons request DVDs from other branches and return them to Rockridge.

The Rockridge DVD Project expanded the DVD section to both sides of a full aisle in the stacks. There are now so many DVDs on the shelves that the number of DVDs which can be checked out at one time has gone from four to ten. With the new float policy, there could actually be more DVDs in the Rockridge Branch than under the old policy. It will depend on how many DVDs Rockridge patrons request from other branches.