California College of Art Redevelopment pre-application documents available on-line

Documents submitted to City are available to the public here
Thursday, August 29, 2019

The attached documents were obtained from the City of Oakland at an obscure City website location.  Directions for accessing that location are also provided. (That file is called "Accela sign-in guide") The documents all relate to the pre-application to redevelop the California College of Art's Oakland campus, just east of Broadway and just north of the "Shops at the Ridge" shopping center.  (There are two project numbers associated with the CCA project.  They are: ER19003 and ZP180116.) All documents were filed with the City on or before August 26, 2019, when the copies being posted were downloaded from the City website.  They are posted here to facilitate their access by interested members of the public.  (Note - two large pdf files were reduced in size to fit on the website, and one had to be split into two pieces.  The essential material should all be there, however.) The documents will be updated as time and file space permit.


Also posted are the scoping comments submitted by RCPC.

accela_sign-_in_guide.doc23 KB
application.pdf92.38 KB
api20ochs20map.pdf578.92 KB
application20for20environmental20review.pdf2.26 MB
cca20campus20-20entitlement20requests.pdf104.87 KB
efcca_environmental20setting.doc430 KB
final20letter206-10-1920scope20of20work20and20project20comments.pdf738.45 KB
final20scope20of20work.signed.pdf1.69 MB
native20american20commission20letter20ab52.pdf367.93 KB
pre-appliction20handouts.pdf1.23 MB
plan_set_pre-app_zp180116-reduced_-_pt_1.pdf12.97 MB
plan_set_pre-app_zp180116-reduced-_part_2.pdf14.98 MB
pre-20app20comments203-6.doc45.5 KB
zp2018001620pre-application20review20matrix.doc86 KB
pre_application_submission_-_reduced_11-30-18.pdf13.97 MB
rcpc_scoping_letter_for_calif_college_of_arts_project.pdf187 KB