Caldecott Settlement Project List Posted: Soundwall Studies, Intersections, Bicycle Facilities, More, Proposed for Funding

Saturday, June 2, 2012

During 2010 and 2011, the city of Oakland developed, through public meetings, a ranked list of projects to fund with the $8 million Caltrans paid Oakland in a settlement reached over the adequacy of environmental reports which studied effects on the neighborhood of the Caldecott Tunnel's fourth bore construction.

The ranking process included meetings with the Fourth Bore Coalition; a series of walking tours of the North Oakland Hills, Rockridge and Temescal areas; and more than 250 comments from a community meeting held in November 2010. The final list of 37 projects is available below and here.

The following report discusses the status of projects 1 through 21 which are above a funding cut-off line based on the $8 million available. The line could move up or down as project details evolve. Projects are sometimes referred to as "above-the-line" or "below-the-line."

•  Projects 1 through 6 City staff and Caltrans staff and consultants developed designs of the first six projects which were presented at a community meeting at Kaiser Elementary School March 26, 2012 (Rockridge News, April 2012). Projects 1 through 4 lie completely in the North Hills area. Projects 5 and 6 lie partially in Rockridge. The city is reviewing public comments, and is hopeful these projects will be under construction by summer 2013.

•  Developing remaining projects Projects 7 and 8 are Highway 24 soundwall studies. The city has hired consultant Victoria Eisen of Eisen|Letunic, who managed the public process to develop the ranked list, to coordinate an informational public meeting at which the soundwall study process prescribed by ACTC will be presented, along with other relevant information. The meeting is tentatively planned for late September. Watch for more information in The Rockridge News.

Projects 9 and 14 involve Caltrans right-of-way and will be managed under a consultant contract expected to begin in fall 2012. Above-the-line projects entirely on the city's right-of-way (projects 12 and 13) will be designed by the city. Designs of all projects relating to each other will be coordinated, regardless of who handles the design work.

Oakland staff will begin refining the conceptual designs of the other above-the-line projects in early 2013, once final designs of the first six projects are complete. Construction of projects on city streets is expected in late 2013 or early 2014.

Construction of those that modify a Highway 24 ramp will likely take place later in 2014.

•  The Movable Funding Line Below-the-line projects are worthy projects on the city's Fourth Bore Caldecott Tunnel Settlement Agreement Project List which are not currently funded from the $8 million settlement fund. Essentially, projects 22-37 are the "wait list" which evolved out of the public process. These projects include: 22-25, as shown, and additional soundwall studies and intersection improvements in Rockridge and Temescal. Note: The complete list of 37 projects was also published in the May 2011 Rockridge News and are available below.

Projects and Estimated Costs 1 Tunnel Road/SR 13/Hiller Drive Intersection Improvements $950,000 2 Pedestrian Facilities on Caldecott Lane/Tunnel Road $650-850,000 3 Bicycle Facilities on Caldecott Lane/Tunnel Road $290,000 4 Caldecott Lane/Kay overcrossing Intersection Improvements $100,000 5 Bike facilities on Broadway from Brookside Avenue to Kay OC $410,000 6 Jogging/walking path on Broadway from Golden Gate to Lake Temescal $275,000 7 Soundwall study: Eastbound between Vicente Way and Broadway $554,000 8 Soundwall study: Westbound between Ross Street and Telegraph Avenue $628,000 9 Broadway/Keith Intersection Improvements* $840,000 10 College/Keith Intersection Improvements $235,000 11 Bike Route Signage at Rockridge BART $20,000 12 Broadway/Lawton Intersection Improvements* $400,,000 13 Broadway/Ocean View intersection improvements* $400,000 14 Broadway/Brookside/SR 24 On-ramp Intersection Improvements $295,000 15 Rockridge BART Bicycle Parking $100,000 16 On-street Bicycle Parking in Commercial Areas $30,000 17 52nd/51st/SR 24 ramps/Shattuck Intersection Improvements $635,000 18 Soundwall study: Westbound between Patton Street and Ross Street $179,000 19 Alternatives' Analysis of Lake Temescal - Tunnel Rd Bike/ped connections $200,000 20 College/Miles Intersection Improvements $160,000 21 Claremont/Hudson/SR 24 On-ramp Intersection Improvements $180,000 Total Cost for project 1-21 including consultant costs, all projects after #21 are not funded i.e. fall "below the line" $8,081,000 22 College/Manila intersection improvements $200,000 23 Pedestrian Scale Lighting on Telegraph from 42nd Street to Berkeley border $240,000 24 Soundwall study: Eastbound between 40th and 52nd Streets $425,000 25 Soundwall study: Westbound between Telegraph Ave. and M.L.K. Jr Way $306,000 26 Telegraph/56th/Eastbound SR 24 On-ramp Intersection Improvements $230,000 27 Soundwall study: Eastbound between Broadway and Golden Gate Avenue $312,000 28 College/Claremont intersection improvements $225,000 29 Broadway/Manila Intersection Improvements $257,000 30 Telegraph/Aileen/SR24 Off-Ramp Intersection Improvements $113,000 31 Sounwall study: Eastbound between 52 Street and Claremont Avenue $289,000 32 Sounwall study: Eastbound between Golden Gate and Lake Temescal $356,000 33 Sounwall study: Westbound between MLK on-ramp and 40 Street $304,000 34 Sounwall study: Westbound between Golden Gate and Patoon $231,000 35 AC Transit Route 51 Service Improvements $920,000 36 Telegraph/Claremont/52 Street Improvements $240,000 37 Bicycle and Pedestrian Park Rest Stop $192,000

More information: •  Wlad Wlassowsky, Oakland Transportation Services Division Manager,; •  Victoria Eisen, consultant managing public process for the Caldecott projects, victoria@eisenletunic. com.