Beating Crime: Useful Resource Links

Sunday, January 11, 2015

How is crime in Oakland these days? Going up or going down? Staying the same? A reading of some recent reports appearing on Next Door Rockridge ( could make it seem that crime is spreading.

Here are abstracts of some Rockridge area postings:
•    Break-in on Manor Crest: "So far it looks as though only small stuff is missing. He came in through the kitchen window (a second story window from the back of the house)," which he reached using outdoor furniture and a green recycle cart propped against the wall.

  • Telegraph near 55th Street: "While visiting Oakland, our car was broken into and my viola and bag were stolen."
  • Oak Grove Avenue: Mugging on Oak Grove near Forest intersection. Suitcase (with computer) stolen.
  • Fairview Park: "I came back from work - my Black 1995 Audi four-door is no longer in the driveway."
  • Residents of Clifton Street have reported to the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) that packages delivered to their homes have been taken from porches and the emptied boxes discarded nearby.

Reports are eye-catching - and can be worrisome - but don't necessarily speak to crime trends or even crime in your own part of the neighborhood. Other resources can bring the fuller information you may be looking for.

Following is a list of selected web sites with more detailed crime information and tips you can use to minimize your likelihood of being a crime victim.

  • provides information about recent crime activity in your neighborhood. Crime types can be reviewed and compared for frequency over time and location.
  • Oakland's Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPC) help with police contact, crime concerns and resolution, and local, non-crime issues. In Rockridge, the NCPC web site has crime information, 2014 statistics, safety tips, neighborhood issues, and more. See Greater Rockridge Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council at

Below are two OPD web pages on the city of Oakland's site which share safety tips and specific protections:

  • Safety Tips; Avoid Being a Robbery Victim (
  • Contact numbers and resources:

Are the police doing anything? Find arrest reports and solved crimes with "The Blotter" at Moments of Truth:

Oakland police patrol numbered beats in assigned areas. Rockridge is covered by parts of beats 12Y and 13X. Captain Darren Allison is the area commander for (Twitter address) #Oakland #Police Area 2, covering North Oakland, Rockridge, Temescal, Montclair, and Grand Lake neighborhoods. His specific Twitter address is @area2opd, or

Note: RCPC offers the above information as a sampling of public safety/crime fighting information available on the Internet. Links have been checked for operability but RCPC cannot assure they will function at all times or that the information provided will always be comprehensive and accurate. Contact the link's source to report and/or resolve any problems.

Editor's Note: Between issues of The Rockridge News, RCPC often distributes the Rockridge E-News, an as-needed mailing to subscribers that might include town hall announcements, developing Rockridge news, and Oakland city news. The following article, distributed in mid-December 2014 in response to concerns about an evidently rising crime rate in Rockridge, is re-published here because of its timeliness and because not all Rockridge News readers subscribe to the E-News. To receive the E-News publication, e-mail your interest to Subscriber information is not shared.