BART Lot Landscaping Rescued by Weather, Repairs. Hopefully.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

If you happened to be heading up to College via Forest Street near Miles Avenue late last month, you might have seen EBMUD at work, connecting a water supply line for the irrigation system that should have been nourishing the landscaping at the Forest Street side of the BART parking lot.

BART had installed extensive plantings to restore greenery to areas at the Forest Street edge of the lot after the stationÕs earthquake retrofitting project was completed late in December 2009.

The plants seemed to thrive for awhile, then got droopy and brown. Apparently no one had noticed the irrigation system had been hooked to a leaking pipe. When that was discovered, the system was shut down. The landscaping was watered only sporadically when a technician was available to turn the system on and off, manually. The plants endured, but did not thrive.

According to BART administrators, repairs have been planned for some time, and needed extensive coordination between BART and EBMUD to install and connect the new piping. These things can take time. At least we had a rainy December.
Thank you, BART and EBMUD, for your good work.