April Election: RCPC Board of Directors

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Voting for candidates for RCPC’s board of directors will be held at the April town hall meeting Thursday, April 18, following an introduction and full statements from new candidates about their interest in board service.

Voting will also be held the following Saturday for those residents unable to attend the town hall session.

Following are brief statements from candidates with photos to provide a preliminary sense of the candidacies to the Rockridge community.


Virginia Hamilton: I moved to Rockridge six months ago, with a specific interest in becoming involved in the community, both to contribute my own skills and talents, and to become immersed in the “place” of Rockridge and Oakland. I grew up in New York City, and have a keen appreciation for how neighborhoods can work, and the sense of community that is possible.

Lisa McNally: Civic engagement is important to me, and being a part of an historic and dynamic neighborhood planning group such as RCPC allows me to stay informed while actively contributing to my community. I believe that space informs a sense of place, with our environment affecting how we interact with others and shaping our personal development.

Greg Pasquali: I’ve worked for progressive urban planning and development organizations in Oakland that focus on making cities and neighborhoods more livable and sustainable by building buildings that positively impact their neighborhoods, making public spaces safer and more beautiful, and giving people new transportation options.