500 New Units Planned in Rockridge Area

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

There is a lot of new development proposed and underway around Rockridge right now. Whether you noticed the demolition underway at the Merrill Gardens site on Broadway north of 51st in the last few weeks, are wondering when the vacant half of the Rockridge Shopping Center on Pleasant Valley might start redevelopment, have heard that Temescal Apartments on Broadway south of 51st was approved by the city last month, or are curious what's happening at the Kingfish site on Claremont or the Global Entertainment/Creekside site at 51st and Telegraph, you've probably seen or heard a little bit about all the activity.

This month's Town Hall meeting will include (in addition to the annual RCPC Board election and a presentation by Dan Kalb in recognition of Rockridge News Editor Don Kinkead) a brief overview of the roughly 500 new residential units in development around the neighborhood, and a presentation by Nautilus Group on the mixed use proposal for the Global Video/ Creekside site at 51st and Telegraph, which has been updated over the last year in response to neighbor and city input.

We hope you will join us for our election, an informative discussion, and an opportunity to provide input into the 51st and Telegraph project. Come early for Jules Thin Crust Pizza. Doors open and pizza arrives at 7 p.m.