DVD Project

Changes for DVD Circulation at the Rockridge Branch Library

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Oakland Public Library (OPL) has announced that DVDs can now be requested from any branch of the Library and delivered to the branch of your choice. Up to now, only books could be requested from other branches. For Rockridge patrons, this means easy access to the large DVD collection at the Main Branch, as well as to the many television series DVDs at the Piedmont Branch. As part of the new policy, DVDs will "float" throughout the OPL system. This means that DVDs will be shelved at the branch where they were returned.

Rockridge DVD Project Is a Wrap: Check it Out

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Rockridge DVD Project has been completed. All of the DVDs rescued when the former Videots video rental store in Berkeley's Elmwood District closed have been catalogued and delivered to the Rockridge Branch Library.

Many thanks are due to the community for supporting the project with cash donations; to the staff and volunteers of the Oakland Public Library for their work, particularly in cataloging the DVDs; and to RCPC, for lending the project $13,000 and providing fiscal sponsorship, which allowed donations to be tax-exempt.

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