Proposed Changes to the RCPC Bylaws

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rockridge residents will vote at the Town Hall meeting on April 17, 2014 on two proposed amendments to RCPC bylaws. The proposals would:
1. Amend Section 7.1 (former Sec. 8.3(a)) to provide that directors elected at the annual meeting shall serve "until the election results have been certified for the election held at the annual meeting in the second calendar year following" (at present, such terms expire at the time of the annual meeting); and
2. Amend Section 8.6(b), relating to the right of RCPC members to "elect a director at any time to fill any vacancy not filled by the directors." The amendment would specify the threshold of approval in any such vote, including that the affirmative votes must constitute a majority of the required quorum (not only of members voting).

The full text of the current and proposed language of Sections 7.1 and 8.6(b) is now available,  and at the April 17 Town Hall meeting. Residents may also request an email copy of the full text; email requests to

Board Election Procedures & Voting
At the RCPC Town Hall meeting Thursday, April 17, Rockridge residents may vote for RCPC board candidates. Twenty-five or more residents must vote or sign in at the meeting to establish a quorum. If the quorum is met, residents unable to attend the Town Hall may vote Saturday, April 19, in the lobby of the Rockridge library, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Residents will also be asked to vote on two amendments to the RCPC bylaws.

Voter Eligibility
Persons age 18 and over who live within RCPC boundaries are eligible to vote. Verification will be by driver's license or DMV ID card showing an address within RCPC boundaries, depicted on the RCPC website: