June Construction Activities at College Avenue Safeway Site

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New power, gas and sewer lines are planned for the Safeway store under construction at College and Claremont. Safeway has announced that this requires street trenching that will close some lanes and restrict parking as noted:

Phase 2 Claremont Ave: sidewalk, parking and 1 traffic lane closure: 6/02/14 thru 6/20/14; M-F, 9-4

Phase 3 College Ave, sidewalk and parking closure only: 6/23/14 thru 7/03/14; M-F, 8-5

Safeway wants to alert neighbors and merchants of planned street closures and temporary parking space removal around the Safeway construction site. Please forward your comments, questions or concerns to Dean Rodeheaver, 760/443-6426, or email drodeheaver@ewbinc.com.