2013 On the Way Out: What Have 'Ya Done for Me Lately?

Monday, December 9, 2013

In fulfillment of its mission statement, the Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC) presents up to 10 public Town Hall meetings each year, reviews and comments to the city on development and business proposals, and meets with adjoining and nearby neighborhood associations to share concerns and interests.

Throughout, the RCPC board strives to communicate its activities to the community- and to get community response- via the Town Halls and its sponsorship of The Rockridge News.

In 2014, RCPC has several exciting Town Halls planned, and will publish the 2014 agenda in January.

If there are issues you want to know more about or ideas you'd like to share in the coming year, please contact us at info@rockridge.org.

Thank you for your broad and generous support.

The RCPC Mission Statement

  • Preserve and enhance the unique character of the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, California;
  • Promote the health, safety, and quality of life of its residents;
  • Furnish a forum for community involvement;
  • Provide leadership and representation of neighborhood interest

RCPC's Activities in 2013

Town Hall Meeting Topics

  • Jan    Soundwall Study Petitions & Oakland History
  • Feb    Caldecott Settlement Improvements and Rockridge Shopping Center EIR
  • Mar    New RCPC Website Unveiling
  • Apr    Meet Councilmember Dan Kalb & RCPC Board Candidate Forum & Elections
  • May    Communication in Rockridge
  • Jun    RCPC-NCPC Joint Meeting: Mayor Jean Quan and Chief Sean Whent
  • Jul    No Meeting
  • Aug    No Meeting or Newsletter
  • Sep    Peter Calthorpe: Of Cities and Survival
  • Oct    FROG Park Improvements & Caldecott Project Costs
  • Nov    Fight Crime One Block at a Time: Neighborhood Watch
  • Dec    No Meeting

Land Use and Community Issues

  • Continued to encourage the city to keep retail businesses on College Avenue street frontage.
  • College Avenue Safeway: Enforced and monitored construction compliance, including meeting with Safeway representatives.
  • Rockridge Shopping Center Project: Worked with city and community organizations to craft an improved pedestrian-friendly design, with neighborhood mitigations.
  • Mediated several disputes between College Avenue merchants and neighboring residents
  • FROG Park: Prioritized goals and identified park feature improvements and enhanced maintenance; Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) landscape plantings replaced; repaired park equipment; coordinated with city and community groups.
  • Fourth Bore Coalition (FBC): work with city and community to review Oakland settlement project issues and designs; oversee FBC settlement agreement provisions and projects.
  • Transportation: Responded to concerns about Rockridge transportation issues, e.g. AC Transit Line 51 re-routing.
  • Other groups: worked with Piedmont Avenue Neighborhood Improvement League (PANIL), Rockridge District Association (RDA), Urbanists for a Livable Temescal-Rockridge Area (ULTRA), and Standing Together for Accountable Neighborhood Development (STAND).