Land Use Committee

Rockridge Montessori School (6516 Broadway)

The RCPC board heard from Rockridge Montessori’s owners and architect at its June meeting. Boardmembers expressed concern about the inadequacy of the traffic report, potential impact to bicycle safety, especially after bike lanes are installed on Broadway, and the school’s continuing expansion into a residential-zoned area. In the end, the board voted to oppose the application unless the school agreed to a number of conditions, including several traffic mitigation measures and a binding commitment not to seek any further expansion without prior approval from the RCPC board.

Citywide Zoning Update

After a series of public meetings where zoning plans were presented, city staff now believes the city’s proposed zoning revisions are ready to begin the formal approval process. The first step will be a review by the Planning Commission’s Zoning Update Committee. The first hearing, which will cover North Oakland (including Rockridge) and the Oakland Hills, is scheduled for July 14 at 4 p.m. at Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 1 (1st floor). Two items that Rockridge residents may wish to comment on are:

Rockridge Shopping Center (Corner of Broadway and Pleasant Valley)

The RCPC board also heard a presentation from David Zystra of Safeway’s Property Development Centers division, who reported that the newest revised plans for redeveloping the Rockridge Shopping Center involve a slightly bigger expansion (130,000 sq. ft. versus 110,000 sq. ft in the previous proposal). They also include actual internal streets within the shopping center, rooftop parking instead of the subterranean lot previously proposed, and a new threestory structure on the corner of Pleasant Valley and Broadway, where the Chase Bank building is now.

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